Bonjour,mon nom est GEOFF POTTLE
Cette photo a était prise le 10 septembre 2007 à 14h30 de mon jardi.
Le temps était clair.
Je voulais juste tester ma nouvelle caméra numérique en prenant le soleil,je n'avais rien de précis et je n'ai méme pas fait le point.C'est lors du téléchargement que j'ai aperçu sur la gauche de la photo l'UFO.
Hello my name is Geoff Pottle-Location-Rugby, Warwickshire, England.


This photo was taken at about 2.30pm on 10th September 2007 just out in my back garden. The weather was clear, warm and almost cloudless.

I was just really testing out how my digital camera would take the sun, and without really looking (more point and hope). (I did not at any point look directly into the sun for obvious reasons). Anyhow after transfering a couple of shots on the last picture I saw a shape in the bottom left of the image. Wasn`t sure if it was a plane or a satellite maybe?

Thank you,


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